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Jeanette Loftus District Governor 2018-19 Aug 16, 2018

August is Rotary Membership month

Rotary is sometimes referred to as the original social network as that is the basis on which we were founded over 113 years ago by Paul Harris. You see Paul found himself as a new attorney in the big city of Chicago with few friends and even fewer clients. He soon realized that in order to grow his business, he needed to form a core network of friends with whom he could exchange business.

Coincidentally, Paul’s story is not very different from my own. You see I joined Rotary in 1997 as the new banker in town and I too needed to make friends and business contacts. And, it wasn’t until I got out of the four walls of my club, that I realized that Rotary offered so much more;

Professional and leadership development and public speaking skills. It’s one thing to manage a team of employees. It’s a whole other ballpark (or in this case football field) to manage a team of volunteers. To stand in front of your club to promote an event or rally support around a cause.

Our children are better citizens of this world and become stronger leaders when they grow up in the family of Rotary surrounded by those who possess high ethical standards, serving alongside of us in our community.

Our humanitarian service in our local communities and throughout the world is unparalleled. Rotary gives ordinary people the ability to do extraordinary things. If you see a need in your community, as a Rotarian you have access to vast array of resources, both monetarily through District and Global Grants and accessing a network of professionals in any given field.

But to build that network, we need you. We need you to share the gift of Rotary with your friends and business associates by inviting them to attend a club meeting, social or service project. It’s all about growing our network.

And that brings us to where we are today at EverBank Field (TIAA), home to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The relationship that we as Rotarians enjoy with the Jaguars is a very special one that has evolved into what it is today. This year's Rotary game day will be held on December 2nd when the Jaguars will take on the Colts. Ticket prices start at only $45, and all but $10 is donated to End Polio Now.

For ticket information visit www.RotaryDistrict6970.org

I hope you will considering joining in the fun and helping us to tackle Polio.

Remember, the world’s children are depending on you TO BE THE INSPIRATION!

This is a tremendous opportunity for great Rotary Fellowship, or to do good in the world by donating tickets to the military, underprivileged children.

Since 2004, our District has raised over $300,000 towards the End Polio Now campaign by partnering with the Jaguars, and when matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has resulted in over $880,000.

Suzanne Lamoutte - Hunger Fight Sep 06, 2018 12:30 PM
Helping to end childhood hunger in our community
Helping to end childhood hunger in our community

Childhood Hunger in Northeast Florida

There are children in your child's class that go home to little or NO food. They don't have a pantry to raid when they get home from school. There's no cookies to sneak while Mom isn't looking and there's certainly no food for them to eat over the weekend.

I remember being a kid and one of these memories that puts a smile on my face was right after my mom went food shopping. My brother and I would run to get the best snacks. Most of the time would argue and compete over who was going to eat the most. It was pure joy between the delicious snacks and beating my brother to them. If you have any siblings I'm sure you have similar memories when it comes to food.

Unfortunately 1 out of 4 children experience hunger every single night. And they are constantly worrying and thinking about where their next meal will come from. These children don't deserve either of those. The only meals that are certain to have are the two meals at school during the week, but over the weekend there's no way of knowing.

Hunger Fight has packaged over 5 Million meals in the 5 years since it's been founded by Sherri Porter. We didn't do this on our own. It was with the help of businesses partnering with us and all of the volunteers helping package the meals.

If I could count how many times I've heard people say how they've been looking for a way to help, I'd be semi rich. So many people are unaware of what's happening right here in their own community. Awareness is probably one of the best ways that you can help any organization.

Learn more about Hunger Fight and the growing issues that your community is facing, www.hungerfight.org

Donald Wells Sep 20, 2018
Topic to be announced
Topic to be announced
Tess Goldhagen - Middlelayers.org Oct 04, 2018
Increasing Social Capital Among Marginalized Youth
Increasing Social Capital Among Marginalized Youth

Middlelayers, a technology start up dedicated to increasing social capital among marginalized youth for the purpose of promoting equality of opportunity, health, and social mobility.  Thier mission is to bridge the gap between disadvantaged families and the resources they need to thrive. Middlelayers innovation simplifies access to education, healthcare, and other supports that empower children to overcome adversity, build resilience, and become upwardly mobile.

Tess Goldhagen is the research and business development associate for Middlelayers. Tess is involved in designing, developing, and determining the scope of the technological platform. She is the primary point of contact responsible for coordinating with stakeholders and consultants and building partnerships with communities, organizations, and city leaders. Tess graduated from McGill University, where she studied international development and sociology. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and relaxing on the beach.

Jane Moss-Livsey Oct 18, 2018
Women’s Empowerment Services of NE Florida
Women’s Empowerment Services of NE Florida

The mission of Women’s Empowerment Services of NE  Florida, Inc is to empower women who are in disadvantaged positions, due to various life events, with the skills and confidence necessary to get a job, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and regain a home for themselves and their children.

The program acts as a referral resource for available services through state and local sources for education, employment assistance, health, housing referral and child care subsidies, to name a few. There are thousands of programs available to women in northeast Florida.

Our goal is to bring women together with those resources based upon each woman's individual needs. Every woman deserves an opportunity to be strong, independent and self sufficient, that is to be EMPOWERED.

Learn more at http://wesnef.org