Laughter Yoga!
Dec 06, 2018
Eva Toutain
Laughter Yoga!

Laughter Yoga is a unique exercise routine which combines unconditional laughter, yogic breathing, playful fun, and meditation. Studies show that laughter is powerful medicine. Laughter Yoga workshops, classes, and tailor made lunch-hour laughter sessions available in Jacksonville.

About Eva

Spread the Love through Light and Laughter.  My life's passion is to spread love through light and laughter.  With over 10 years of involvement in the study and practice of Usui Reiki, I am a certified Reiki Master Healer.  I am also certified in Hasya Yoga (Yogic Laughter).  I believe in living my life with mindful intention.  The process of being mindful in everything I do brings balance and awareness into my life and how it affects others.  Knowing that kindness matters and life is fragile has inspired me to bring to others the laughter and light that this world needs.  It is my honor to share the benefits of Reiki and Laughter Yoga to help  ELEVATE YOUR LIFE.  Learn more at Elevate