University of Florida Engineers Without Borders Peru Team
Mar 07, 2019
Brenna Rowland & Camille Sicangco
University of Florida Engineers Without Borders Peru Team

University of Florida’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders - USA, a group dedicated to enabling aspiring engineers to design and provide humanitarian aid to communities around the world. We are currently engaged in a five-year partnership with the community of Maras, Peru. This rural community has struggled greatly with water storage and water quality issues for many years, and our goal for the duration of our partnership is to improve the residents’ quality of life by developing more sustainable water infrastructure.

Last summer, a team of our students visited Maras to install an antibacterial/antimicrobial basin for the community’s elementary school to store drinking water in. This project was a huge success, and it provides up to 1100 liters of clean drinking water for the school throughout the day when running water is not available.

The team was also there to determine what project was the most urgent and would benefit the community the most for the upcoming year. We spoke with members of the community at a town hall that we hosted, and irrigation was a top priority of the community. This year, we are designing a reservoir that will capture rainwater and provide ample water to irrigate crops during the three-month dry season.

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