Helping to end childhood hunger in our community
Sep 06, 2018 12:30 PM
Suzanne Lamoutte - Hunger Fight
Helping to end childhood hunger in our community

Childhood Hunger in Northeast Florida

There are children in your child's class that go home to little or NO food. They don't have a pantry to raid when they get home from school. There's no cookies to sneak while Mom isn't looking and there's certainly no food for them to eat over the weekend.

I remember being a kid and one of these memories that puts a smile on my face was right after my mom went food shopping. My brother and I would run to get the best snacks. Most of the time would argue and compete over who was going to eat the most. It was pure joy between the delicious snacks and beating my brother to them. If you have any siblings I'm sure you have similar memories when it comes to food.

Unfortunately 1 out of 4 children experience hunger every single night. And they are constantly worrying and thinking about where their next meal will come from. These children don't deserve either of those. The only meals that are certain to have are the two meals at school during the week, but over the weekend there's no way of knowing.

Hunger Fight has packaged over 5 Million meals in the 5 years since it's been founded by Sherri Porter. We didn't do this on our own. It was with the help of businesses partnering with us and all of the volunteers helping package the meals.

If I could count how many times I've heard people say how they've been looking for a way to help, I'd be semi rich. So many people are unaware of what's happening right here in their own community. Awareness is probably one of the best ways that you can help any organization.

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