Going to Business Camp: Life as a Volunteer Company Advisor
Jun 06, 2019
J. Rody Borg - Member
Going to Business Camp: Life as a Volunteer Company Advisor

Dr. Rody Borg is Professor of Economics at Jacksonville University and has published several papers in scholarly journals on mergers and acquisitions, teaching and critical thinking. His current research interests are focused on public policy aspects of state lotteries focusing on their benefit and tax incidence and the migration of college students. 

Additionally Dr. Borg is engaged in research examining the role of location and socioeconomic characteristics in explaining voter preferences on specific referendum issues. Dr. Borg is widely respected in Northeast Florida as an expert in forensic economics in litigation matters. Dr. Borg has and continues to be called upon to testify in circuit and federal court in both Florida and Georgia.

Dr. Borg is married and has three daughters. Rebecca, Kellie, and Christina.  Personal interests include Woodworking, Watching Football, Collegiate Wrestling. He is a huge roller coaster fan. He loves to fish and will fish for almost anything, anytime, anywhere.

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