International Travel Experiences
Mar 15, 2018
Pastor Jeffrey Skopak - Grace Lutheran Church
International Travel Experiences

Jeff Skopak is pastor of Grace Lutheran Church and School on McCormick Road in Arlington.  He will be sharing with us his interesting and enlightening experiences during his international travels to Haiti, Guatemala and Ethiopia.  

Born and raised in Central New Jersey, Pastor Jeff attended Concordia College - Bronxville, New York where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1988.  He attended Concordia Seminary - St. Louis, Missouri where he received his Masters of Divinity degree.  During his time at the Seminary, he met his wife, Amy (Parr) during his vicarage in Boston, Massachusetts. Pastor Jeff would later participate in the Pastoral Leadership Institute (2002-2006) and complete the Doctorate of Ministry degree from Concordia Seminary in 2010.  Pastor Jeff has served the following congregations:  St. Matthew - Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, Redeemer - Manchester, NJ, St. James - St. James, NY, Fountain of Life - Tucson, AZ, and now serves at Grace.

He and his wife Amy have two children:  Madelyn (who is currently a Freshman at Arizona State University) and Jarod (who will be a Freshman at St Leo's University near Tampa this Fall).  Pastor Jeff has a heart for the poor and those in need as he strives to follow the Divine Mandate of Matthew 25 and the Great Commission of Matthew 28.